This is your opportunity to find that awesome sound that you’ve been looking for!

We’re proud to offer this cutting edge line of innovative Sax mouthpieces here at Fleming Musical Instruments & Repair. New York Sax Player, Jody Espina has developed a variety of mouthpieces to allow players to choose the characteristics that suit them best – the gold plated ESP Metal, the hard rubber HR and the Classic which is a combination of hard rubber and plastic. All of these mouthpieces have a consistent evenness through out the entire range of the instrument. The Metal and the Classics have a removable spoiler that, when inserted, brighten the overall sound and increase your sound volume at least 20%. Both of these pieces come with a Deluxe Rovner Dark ligature & cap. These extraordinary pieces have to be played to be appreciated. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 players that test play Jody’s mouthpieces here in the store will buy one. Many times, they return later to buy another. We want to make it easy for you to buy a Jody Jazz mouthpiece. So, if you’d like to try them out before you buy, you sure can. Just stop buy the shop with your favorite axe and give ‘em a try.

We’re confident that you’ll love these mouthpieces. E-mail or call today to get started!

Jody Jazz Sax Mouthpieces