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Courtois AC421BHA Creation New York Trombone Outfit w/ Hagmann Valve & Detachable Bell



The Antoine Courtois New York series trombones have been developed in collaboration with two outstanding American orchestral players, Paul Denson Pollard for the bass trombone, and Weston Sprott for the tenor trombone, both members of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

This horn features a conical .5472″ bore, a 8.46″ diameter hand-hammered bell, a brass outer slide and a nickel-silver hard chrome plated inner slide, and a clear lacquer. For the first time in Antoine Courtois’ history, this model is equipped with a specially designed bell with a cut screw ring flare, which enables this instrument to be transported in a deluxe Marcus Bonna flat case, hardly larger than a viola case, making it much more travel friendly.  The screw ring on the bell flare also brings a more compact, focused sound with a lot of projection, which Weston Sprott is particularly pleased with. The Hagmann valve system with progressive bore is a truly impressive technology allowing free and instantaneous air transfer from the Bb to the F side of the horn.

The ergonomic hand rest keeps the horn comfortable and balanced in the hands.

This horn is brand new and is the premier version of the Antoine Courtois LEGEND series horns.

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 10 in