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Selmer Bb/A Clarinet Set


The Selmer Series have been a leader in the world of clarinets for over 40 years. These matching Bb and A Series 10 clarinets have been professionally played and have been taken well care of over their lifetime. When Selmer created the 10 they aimed to improve upon the design of Buffett’s R13. Based off of Anthony Gigliotti modifications, the Series 10 retained all the qualities of the R13 and allowed players to be more versatile, with more flexible in dynamics, a broader range of tone, better intonation, and strong fortissimos without loss of musical quality. These clarinets have gone through our repair shop and have been restored to top playing condition by our professional technicians. These clarinets come with adjustable Kooiman Etude thumbrests, wooden reed case, and custom double carrying case.

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